The Dashboard

Manage all your recipes here. On the left side of the dashboard, you can see:

Active Recipes: Here, you can keep an eye on all the recipes you've started and see how they're progressing. You have the option to execute them partially or abort them if needed.

Liquidated Recipes: Take a look at all the recipes you've successfully completed or executed. You can review their outcomes and even duplicate them if you want to reuse those strategies.

Your Recipes: This is where you can find all the strategies you've created and forked. You'll see the ones you've not deployed yet, as well as any drafts or unfinished recipes.

Failed Recipes: If any of your recipes didn't work out as planned, you can find them here. It's a way to keep track of the ones that didn't execute well.

Browse Recipes: Explore the collection of recipes created by the community. You can check out the details of each recipe and make copies of them if you find something interesting.

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