Get Started

Welcome to our beginner-friendly guide, where we take you step-by-step through the process of investing your funds in Tortle Ninja.

The first step is to launch Tortle Ninja and connect your preferred wallet.

Simply go to and click on "Launch Tortle Ninja". It will immediately go to Fast Mode, where you can see a list of DeFi strategies and products. On the top-right portion of the app, you'll see a button that says "Connect Wallet". Click on that and select between Metamask or WalletConnect. Approve any sign-ins, if prompted. Once your wallet is connected, you can start investing in the strategies and products offered.

If you haven't set up a wallet yet, please refer to this tutorial to set up your wallet.

We'll show you how to use both Fast Mode and Builder Mode.

Fast Mode

Fast Mode, as the name suggests, allows you to invest in complex DeFi products in just a few steps. Let's go over them:

  1. Choose an investment product

Select one of the investment products listed and click on Deposit. A window will pop up on the right side of the page.

  1. Add your funds and setup your triggers

The new window will prompt you to select the currency you want to use and the amount. If a strategy has triggers, you can configure them too.

  1. Run the strategy

Once you've determined how much you want to invest in your strategy as well as the triggers in it, click Continue. The transaction will start and, when successful, you will get a confirmation that it's working. You can close that window afterward.

If you want to create your own DeFi products and strategies instead, Builder Mode is still available for use. Just click the "Go to Builder" button and you will be taken to the Dashboard which has the Recipe Builder.

Builder Mode

Builder Mode works the same as it did in Tortle Ninja V2. We'll teach you how to create a simple recipe:

  1. Open the Composer

In the upper right corner of the Dashboard, you'll find the "Create Recipe" button. Clicking on it will take you to our Composer, the starting point for creating your first recipe.

  1. Add Funds

Every recipe starts with adding funds. Click and drag the Add Funds node into the Composer. Select the currency and the amount you want to use, then click Save.

  1. Select a Strategy and Combo Trigger

The next step is to click and drag one of the strategy nodes - you can choose between Deposit on Liquidity Pool, Nested Strategy, and Perpetuals. Since we're just creating a simple recipe, let's click and drag Deposit on Liquidity Pool. It will bring up a window of available LPs. Select the LP of your choice by clicking on the checkmark on its right side, then click Save. The node will also come with a Combo Trigger, which you can set up with various options.

Click the Combo Trigger node that's linked to the Deposit on Liquidity Pool node, and click Edit. For the meantime, let's select "Manual execution". This gives you the option to start and finish the recipe any time you want.

  1. Send Funds to Wallet

Click and drag the Send to Wallet node to the Composer. This will send all of your earned funds back to your wallet.

  1. Finish and Run the Recipe

Connect all the nodes together. Once done, click the pencil icon on the top-middle portion of the screen. Give your recipe a name and a description, then click Save. To see if the recipe works, click on Validate Recipe. When you get the "IT WORKS!" message, you are ready to run the recipe. Click Run, approve the transaction, and you're done!

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