Audit Report

The comprehensive PeckShield Audit Report has verified the security of our Smart Contracts, ensuring they meet the highest standards.

At Tortle Ninja, security holds paramount importance. Despite our team's extensive experience in cryptography-related projects and collaborations with renowned security firms, ensuring robust security in the DeFi realm remains an ongoing challenge. We are fortunate to have the expertise of PeckShield, esteemed partners who conduct thorough code audits on our behalf.

The audit on Tortle Ninja V1 primarily focuses on semantic consistency, meticulous scrutiny of DeFi aspects, and identification of potential coding bugs. During this process, a total of 5 issues were identified across our contracts, consisting of 2 medium-level and 3 low-level findings. It brings us great satisfaction to inform you that we have promptly addressed and resolved 3 of these findings, and the remaining 2 are currently in the confirmation and resolution phase.

For comprehensive insights and detailed information, we encourage you to refer to the complete smart contract audit report here.

At Tortle Ninja, safeguarding your security is our unwavering commitment, and we continuously strive to maintain the highest standards of protection and reliability.

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