Tortle team believes in agile development. In essence, what you will find here is a backlog with priorities. Some features will have a deadline, and some are not. Keep eye-ing for updates.

Tortle has done 3 major releases so far, Version 1, Version 2 and Version 2.5. Our team has tried to underpromise and overdelivered on every new version we have made.

Version 1.0

Tortle MVP, version was deployed in Q3 2022, including the following features

  • Recipes creator

  • Recipe execution engine

  • Swaps, Splits, Liquidity providing, Farming...

  • Detailed Log on all operations.

  • Public/Private Recipes.

Additionally, we have developed:

  • A vault/auto compound system, similar to YearnFinance, to auto compound your earnings.

  • New types of ComboTriggers related to SpookySwap APRs.

  • A great analytical tool to manage all your portfolio and understand how farms, LPs, and Vaults progress over time.

Version 2.0

Deployed in April 2023, it completes the most extensive collection of assets, LPs, Farms, and Vaults/Structured products on the Fantom Ecosystem, offering the following features:

  • Over 400 different available assets.

  • More than 400 Liquidity Pools, all consisting of BeethovenX and SpookySwap assets.

  • Over 50 farms from SpookySwap.

  • More than 150 structured products from Yearn Finance, Reaper, and SpookySwap.

Version 2.5

Deployed in August 2023, this release marks a project revamp, primarily involving a launch on Arbitrum and the introduction of new integrations.

  • We have successfully launched on Arbitrum, integrating with SushiSwap, Balancer, Yearn, GMX, and Reaper Finance.

  • We have established integration with GMX, empowering our users to automate and create strategies for longing/shorting assets.

  • We have introduced our Progressive Web App (PWA), a streamlined version of Tortle designed for mobile users.

In this version, users can seamlessly interact with over 100 assets on Arbitrum, along with more than 200 Liquidity Pools, Farms, and structured products.

Upcoming Versions

The world of DeFi is constantly evolving, and so is Tortle. Let's discuss our plans for the future. The following features are currently under development and will be released when ready. Expect nothing but exciting enhancements!

Camelot Integration

We're thrilled to announce our integration with Camelot, an exceptional Arbitrum-native DEX. This collaboration will enable Tortle users to maximize their benefits from LPs, Pools, and Nitro Pools.

Tortle Easy Mode

We recognize that Tortle's comprehensive DeFi suite might sometimes feel overwhelming. To address this, we're working on a series of miniproducts that offer more streamlined interfaces. These additions will reduce friction when creating strategies. Our first focus is automating Perpetual Dexes, introducing a revamped UX that will be launched shortly.

Uniswap V4 Integration

With Uniswap V3 becoming outdated, we're taking steps to integrate Uniswap V4. This integration will incorporate Hooks and Concentrated Liquidity, potentially revolutionizing DeFi. Leveraging our advanced execution engine – possibly the most sophisticated in the market – we'll have the ability to rebalance positions effectively.

New User Experience (UX)

Our design team is diligently working on a completely revamped UX, characterized by a more professional and sophisticated look. Stay tuned for more updates in the near future.

Tortle Restaking

Tortle is introducing a Restaking Pool, which allows staked Tortles to serve as cryptoeconomic security for our own protocol. This initiative establishes a capital protection scheme on the platform. When a user initiates a recipe, they'll have the option to mark it as insured. If chosen, 0.1% of the volume will be directed to the restaking pool. In the unfortunate event of a protocol failure, stablecoin depegging, or a hack involving any of our partners, the restaked assets will be utilized to reimburse affected users.

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