Gathered Points and Airdrop

Earn 1 point for every $1 USDT invested on your strategies! ⭐️

For every 1 USDT (or an equivalent value in another token), you gather 1 point on Tortle. These points reflect your total investment volume and are linked to your wallet, growing over time. The more you engage and invest on Tortle Ninja, the more points you accumulate.

When we launch our airdrop, these points can be converted into Tortle Ninja tokens. The airdrop is specifically for our early V3 users, and the amount you receive will be based on the number of points you've collected. There will be a maximum limit and different tiers, though we haven't decided on those details yet.

In the upcoming weeks, we'll share more ways to earn points, such as strategy development, sharing insights, and creating content. Keep an eye out for updates on how to join the airdrop and enhance your Tortle Ninja experience!

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