The Nodes

In Tortle Ninja, nodes play a central role. These nodes enable you to effortlessly navigate through various cryptocurrencies, farming opportunities, oracles, and more.

Add Funds Node: Add Funds Node: The Add Funds node in Tortle Ninja lets you deposit money into your recipe. You can deposit funds in any accepted currency. Remember, the funds should be in your wallet before you start the recipe. This node ensures you have the required funds available. You can also use the "MAX" button to deposit all your assets in a specific coin that you intend to use.

Split Tokens Node: The Split Tokens node divides your funds into two separate streams, effectively creating a fork in the recipe. The split is based on a percentage basis. In some cases, the split may involve up to two implicit swaps, which are performed within the same transaction to minimize gas fees.

Swap Tokens Node: The Swap Tokens node enables you to exchange a stream of tokens, which could originate from any other node or Combo Trigger. The swapping process utilizes a smart router that automatically selects the best exchange available within the ecosystem.

Deposit on Liquidity Pool Node: The Deposit on Liquidity Pool node makes it easy for you to add your funds to the liquidity pool you want. When you use this node, certain actions take place, such as a swap and a split, which convert your funds into the specific pair you desire at the right quantity. We will display all available liquidity pools on SpookySwap, except for newly created or irrelevant ones. Additionally, we show you the current Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for each pool. All the data we provide is calculated directly from the blockchain.

Farm Node: Farms on Tortle Ninja are designed to be highly beneficial. You can explore and take advantage of all the offerings available on SpookySwap. But that's not all – you can also benefit from the auto compounding and auto harvest your earnings. This incredible feature is made possible through a vault and strategy. Whenever you deposit funds into the Vault/Farm, it automatically compounds the positions of all users, giving you even more potential earnings. The best part is, there are no hidden fees involved in this process.

Combo Trigger Node: We have a special feature called Combo Triggers that function similarly to oracles. They gather data from both on-chain (within the blockchain) and off-chain (outside the blockchain) sources. These triggers constantly adjust their strategies based on the information they receive. For example, if you want to farm tokens until their value goes down, Tortle Ninja allows you to do just that, and it provides countless other exciting possibilities beyond your imagination. As of now, there are 6 combo trigger to choose from.

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Send to Wallet Node: The Send to Wallet node is responsible for sending the results of an operation directly back to the owner's wallet. Similar to other nodes, it requires a combo trigger to be executed. Once the trigger conditions are met, the node will initiate the transfer, ensuring that the outcomes of the operation are securely delivered to the owner's wallet.

Perpetuals Node: This node allows you to start and monitor our integration with GMX. Here, you can set up the asset you wish to short/long and determine the leverage. Within Tortle, you can also establish a combo trigger to designate a goal, entry, and stop-loss position, thereby automating your stance. Once activated, this node provides real-time data on all essential KPIs.

Swap and Send Node: This node behaves differently depending on the preceding node. It has a specific output currency and its purpose is to convert all the different cryptocurrencies in the stream into the desired currency. This is usually done at the end of a strategy to simplify and consolidate the holdings into a single currency.

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