Creators Program

Earn rewards with our Recipe and Content Creator Program.

Share Your Recipe for Earnings

When you're confident in a successful recipe you've created, it's time to share it with your audience.

  • Earn a 3% share of the profit each time someone successfully executes your strategy, and this amount will be paid in USDT directly into the wallet you used to create the recipe. For example, if a user deposits $1000 and earns a 100% profit, you'll receive 30 USDT directly into your wallet.

  • Click the 'Share' button on the recipe dashboard and publish your recipe link on social media platforms like X to extend your reach.

Be our Content Creator

If you are actively creating tweets/threads, videos, or articles related to Tortle Ninja, you may be eligible to receive a share of $TORTLE airdrop.

  • To seize this opportunity, simply reach out to any of our community leaders on Discord. You can share the progress of your contributions or express your interest in participating.

For more detailed information, visit this article.

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