Tortle Ninja is a cutting-edge decentralized finance (DeFi) framework that operates on the Fantom Opera Chain. With Tortle Ninja, it's easy to build, test, and optimize your DeFi strategies.

What is Tortle Ninja?

Tortle Ninja is a visual programming language for DeFi linked to an execution engine and an analytical platform. It is designed to give regular users the power to create complex DeFi products in a matter of minutes.

What problem is Tortle Ninja meant to solve?

The DeFi landscape is constantly changing, with tons of new solutions, projects, and brilliant (and not-so-brilliant) ideas. However, there are some problems that remain unsolved to this day. One of them is how to deal with increasing complexity, new tools, new financial products, etc. This creates an imbalance between the so-called whales and regular users. Whales have access to programming tools, bots, and developers that give them a technological advantage. What about regular users?
That's where Tortle Ninja comes in.

With Tortle, you can...

  • Make Tortle Combo recipes that allow you to create a wide variety of DeFi strategies.
  • Save operations and re-use them, making it easy to improve or tweak any strategies or products you've created.
  • Share, reuse, clone, and fork any strategies created by the community.
  • Analyze the outcome of DeFi strategies so you can perfect them.
Tortle Ninja is built for ease of use and simplifies all operations to the point where you can do hundreds of them in just one transaction.
Last modified 1mo ago