This page intends to create a wiki with most common sources of Troubleshooting, check it first if you experience a problem with Tortle Ninja

Why my withdraw is taking so much time?

Tortle sometimes bundle more than 100 transactions into one, that makes a huge transaction that sometimes doesn't fit on the first blocks the blockchain is minning, so sometimes our transactions are waiting for some extra seconds. In return Tortle users save a huge amount of gas on fees.

I got this message "Error While retrieving data" On a farm metric

That error is related to some RPCs on Fantom because, as Tortle uses some amounts of data to calculate its KPIs, some RPCs don't provide the service. In that case, we suggest changing to another RPC provider.
Our recommended provider is:​
My UX looks a bit strange; how can I fix it?
Tortle teams change UX really often, sometimes at various times per week, and sometimes your computer stores certain components on its local storage, To change that, just press F12 on your computer and go to Application>Local Storage, then clear it. Once completed, all old garbage will vanish.