The Tortle team believes in agile development. In essence, what you will find here is a backlog with priorities. Some features will have a deadline, and some will not. Keep eye-ing for updates.

Version 1.0

Tortle MVP, with a 1.0 version, has been deployed in Q3 2022. At the time of writing these lines, the product is in the beta phase on the Fantom Mainnet, with these features:
  • Recipes creator
  • Recipe execution engine
  • Swaps, Splits, Liquidity providing, Farming...
  • Detailed Log on all operations.
  • Public/Private Recipes.
Additionally, we have developed:
  • A vault/auto compound system, similar to YearnFinance, to auto compound your earnings.
  • New types of ComboTriggers related to SpookySwap APRs.
  • A great analytical tool to manage all your portfolio and understand how farms, LPs, and Vaults progress over time.

What we are working on

The MVP of Tortle does not fulfill the vision we have, so let's talk about what we want to do next. The following features do not have an estimated delivery date and will be released when done.
No lame things ahead, just cool features!

Performance based ComboTriggers

As we are able to calculate the actual outcome of a recipe, why do we not make it evolve over time when its global performance changes? Well, that's what we are working on right now.

Tortle Mobile

Tortle is great, but what about mobile users. There are millions of Mobile Only DeFi users out there, we want Tortle to be available for them, so we are making a mobile-only version of Tortle, with a simplified UI, just for them. That's it.

Yearn Finance Integration

Yearn is one of our favourite projects, Tortle will be impossible without it. We are adding Yearn Finance Vaults to our stack of products, by doing so you Tortle users will be able to use vaults inside strategies.

TWAPs and Segmented Orders

As a result, users can split their orders over time; TWAPs and Segmented Orders enable a new type of strategy; and Tortle Ninja will allow you to DCA Farm and segment strategies over time.

Balancer Integration

As for now, we are integrated with SpookySwap (Uniswap/SushiSwap/Masterchef), our next DEXs will be based on Balancer, we are already working on them.

Relief Fund

On DeFi, shit just happens, technical bugs, exploits, and economical attacks plague the environment, making a lot of people losing not only their assets but their confidence in the ecosystem, for that we wanted to create what we call the Tortle Relief Fund. When you finish a transaction on Tortle Ninja, we will ask you for an insurance fee, based on the composition of the operation, then will go straight to the fund, in case some users lose funds because of an issue on Tortle Ninja, the fund will be activated and will return the funds.

Social Signals

Social signals are important. At this moment, we are working with our partners and analyzing the Crypto Twitter, so Combo Triggers can be activated when sentiment about certain assets changes.

Private, Public Recipes, and ZK-Recipes

‌Any investment recipe is valuable information; sharing it as open-source on a blockchain can be treasured information for any other agent. Our first recipes will be off-chain, the V1 of Tortle is off-chain, but we are planning to have at least 4 types of recipes:‌
  • Private Recipes: Linked to a wallet and executed off-chain nobody can access them.
  • Private/Public Recipes: These recipes are open on their formula, but private on their execution, any user can use the same strategy without access to its execution times and quantities.
  • Public Recipes: This will be an open-source recipe, with a clear execution time and all its logic on-chain, in case a user or a group of users wants to publish their strategies their data will be public on the Network.
  • ZK- Recipes: ZK- Recipes: The a new kind of recipe we are working on, using ZK- Roll-ups we can maintain all the positive effects of the private recipes at the same time all funds remain on smart contracts, so all funds remain on-chain.

Social Trading

The social trading side of Tortle Ninja is not developed yet, for us it is great potential. Before the end of 2022, we will be working on this part so our users can copy-paste strategies from other users, and the best strategy will be rewarded for their ideas. Also, we will introduce other features so that all the users can make the best from Tortle Ninja.

Aave Integration (TBD)

Mirrored Assets (Out of roadmap)

Maybe some users want to invest in Tesla or Apple using their crypto but what we plan is the creation of synthetic assets called Mirrored Assets, created by just adding overcollateralized crypto assets by just using oracles linked to "real world" asset prices.

Autoleveraged Tokens and Leveraged strategies (Out of roadmap)

Even if risky leverage is an interesting opportunity on certain assets, leverage on DeFi is complicated, what if we can set up a strategy, mint a unique NFT with a leveraged position, stake tokens, and set up a recipe? Leverage tokens multiply the impact of the movement of an underlying asset. This means that if you are 2x exposed to an asset, you will experience increased gains when the market moves in your favor, but also experience increased losses if the market moves against you.

Bot Armada (Out of roadmap)

A bot armada is an automatism, deployed on the Fantom network that sniffs nice investment opportunities. Our first bot will be a fresh token Sniffer, that basically will scan the Fantom network's new tokens, make automated due diligence based on parameters like smart contract anatomy, distribution, and price, and will buy some of those tokens, to add them to a recipe, so the user can choose what to do after, if to HODL or sell them when certain conditions are met.

Gasless transactions (Out of roadmap)

Being a great invention Gas is also a hurdle for retail investors, what if we could pay the transactions on the coin we have? That is exactly what we want to do, for every transaction scheduled we will reserve a fee to pay the miner, so Tortle will pay the price of the gas the moment the transaction is done and give the rest back to the user.