Nodes are a core concept on Tortle Ninja, they allow you to easily operate with a wide range of cryptos, farms, oracles, and so on, allowing users to set up rich strategies

Add Funds

With this operator you can add funds to the recipe, any valid currency is admitted, the funds must be on the wallet at the moment of the launch of the combo.


This node will split your funds into 2 streams, forking the recipe. This split is done on a percentage basis.

Swap Tokens

This node allows you to swap a stream of tokens, that might come from any other node or combo trigger. You can choose the Swap provider and set up the desired slippage tolerance, as well as see a preview of the operation at the current market conditions.

Deposit on Liquidity Pool

This node will help you deposit your funds in the desired liquidity pool. Under it, some operations occur, at least a Swap, and a split, that will convert your funds into the desired pair at the correct amount.
Normally this will use your funds to split them correctly into the desired pair for the pool and deposit it on it, so your wallet will receive the LP Tokens of that pool.

Stake Tokens

This node works in different ways, if there is an LP Token on your recipe next to it it will just use them to farm it, if not this node will perform all the prior operations, so it will split, swap, deposit on LP, and stake the token. Making it easy to access any farm from any position.

Combo Triggers

A Combo Trigger is basically a part of the recipe with this formulation,
  • if (someone) says (something) do (that).
As easy as that, it´s a way to create complex mechanics like stop-loss or limit orders. Crypto markets are often sensible to sentiment or someone tweets, and highly volatile so what we want to do is expand these combo triggers as much as possible so our users can just
On the easy oracle configurator you will find 3 variables:
Someone: In this case, an oracle, as a user you can choose the oracle you prefer, is totally up to you. by default we will start with ChainLink but will add more oracles soon, so you users can choose the source of info you prefer.
Something: This something depends on someone and may mean different things, by default we will start with just a stop-loss like option, which is:
A (digital asset) reaches (a price). So if BTC reaches 70.000 they do that.
That: It's basically an action to make, and its new action is linked to the requirements stated before.

Send to wallet

This node only sends the results of the operation back to the owner´s wallet, like any other thing it needs a combo trigger to be executed.


This node works in different ways depending on the node before, this node has an output currency and just swap all cryptos on the stream to de desired currency, normally at the end of a strategy.

Version 2

Periodical Liquidations

Periodical liquidation is an option on staking and farming nodes that can liquidate or compound the reward tokens in a continuous way, till a combo trigger affects them.
  • Compound: Will harvest and reinvest the reward token on the farm every 24h.
  • Liquidate: Will harvest and liquidate the reward token to the user wallet every 24h, that option will create another output path on the node so that stream of tokens can be sent to a wallet or swapped to another currency.