This page intends to create a wiki with most common sources of Troubleshooting, check it first if you experience a problem with Tortle Ninja

Is it possible to access Version 1.0 of Tortle Ninja?

To access Version 1, go to and on our dashboard page. You will see the "Access to Version 1.0" option in the lower left section of our page.

My UX looks a bit strange. How can I fix it?

Tortle Ninja developers frequently change the UX, sometimes multiple times per week. This can result in certain components being stored on your computer's local storage. To clear this, press F12 on your computer, then navigate to Application > Local Storage, then clear it. This will remove all old data.

Why is my withdrawal taking so long?

Tortle sometimes bundles over 100 transactions into one, creating a large transaction that may not fit in the first blocks that the blockchain is mining. As a result, transactions may sometimes take a few extra seconds to process. However, Tortle users save a significant amount of gas fees in return.

I got the "Error while retrieving data" message on a farm metric. How can I fix it?

That error is related to some RPCs on Fantom. Tortle uses data to calculate its KPIs, but there are some RPCs that don't provide the necessary information. In that case, we suggest changing to another RPC provider.
Our recommended provider is To change the provider, go to Settings in your wallet.

I encountered an error while trying to connect my wallet "Login Error: Timestamp is too old", What should I do?

To troubleshoot this issue, it's important to ensure that your device's time is accurate, and don't forget to clear your cache and reload your page too. Even a minor deviation of a few minutes from the correct time can result in this problem.

I received a warning saying “The transaction was reverted by the network”. What does it mean ?

It seems like you've encountered an error when gas estimation fails. Don't worry, this happens when gas estimation is not successful before executing a transaction. Sometimes, network congestion can cause this problem. If you're experiencing this issue, just wait a few minutes and try again when the network conditions are better.
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